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Thursday, March 19, 2020 at Rock Ridge High School

The Loudoun Education Foundation is pleased to support the 39th Annual LCPS Regional Science & Engineering Fair (RSEF), which involves over 275 high school students from Loudoun County Public Schools. Science projects will be on display on Thursday, March 19th, at Rock Ridge High School. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Willowcroft Science Endowment:

Congratulations to 2019 Willowcroft Science Scholarship winner Sidney Meyer of the Academies of Loudoun. She was awarded a $5,000 scholarship. Her teacher, Julie Sohl of the Academies of Loudoun, received the $5,000 Willowcroft Science Teacher Award.

The Willowcroft Science Endowment Fund is the result of a donation in excess of $100,000 by Lewis Parker, long time RSEF supporter, and the owner and winemaker at Willowcroft Farm Vineyards, Loudoun’s first commercial winery. Mr. Parker, also an Honorary Trustee of the Loudoun Education Foundation, generously added funding to the Willowcroft Science Endowment in 2009, and invites other members of the scientific community to participate.

The Willowcroft Science Endowment Fund permanently endows the Loudoun Education Foundation with an annual income stream restricted for use in support of Loudoun County Public Schools Regional Science & Engineering Fair (RSEF), for which Mr. Parker has a special passion developed through years of meaningful involvement. The Piedmont Community Foundation invests and manages the endowment, and makes charitable distributions to the Loudoun Education Foundation, which administers grants for the sciences.

“I really believe that science is the future for our county and our country” said Mr. Parker. “We need to motivate and support the kids who have an interest in science and the teachers who help them. I hope to be able to add to the fund in the future and that others will also contribute directly, or through this endowment.”

The Willowcroft Award, one of the scholarships ($5,000) supported by the Willowcroft Science Endowment, is given at the RSEF to a student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the sciences. A teacher is also awarded $5,000 in recognition of the support and mentoring they provide to students.

Loudoun Internation Youth Leadership Summit:

The Loudoun Education Foundation is excited to support the

Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit (LIYLS), a global experience that helps to empower students in Loudoun County to be informed and active global citizens. Students worldwide come together in Loudoun to take on global issues like access to education, the environment, migration and refugees, and racial and ethnic divisions.

The theme for the 9th annual LIYLS is “One World. One Hope. One Future.” where 9 Loudoun High Schools are hosting approximately 45 international delegations including schools from Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and Spain.

LEF received a $8,500 Tikva Grant from Beth Chaverim Reform Congregation in support of the 2020 Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit. Additional sponsors are welcome for next year’s summit.

Interested in Sponsorship?

Sponsors are needed at all levels to make this program a success. There are even opportunities to support a special cause that you may be passionate about–like refugees, gender equality, access to education and more.

“Your donation empowers LCPS teachers to bring unique perspectives to their classroom and engage students in the most authentic way possible–through direct connections with their peers from around the world.” –Jennifer Rodgers, Dominion HS social science teacher and LIYLS coordinator.


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