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Key Programs

Student Health & Well-Being

Academic success relies on more than just a strong curriculum. The Loudoun Education Foundation provides “wrap-around” services that support the whole student — and their families — to ensure that our most vulnerable learners have what they need to be successful.

Student Health and Well-Being

Parents as Education Partners (PEP)

Building the classroom-to-career pipeline.

PEP is designed to strengthen the relationship between public schools and parents — particularly English Learner families. The PEP Program hosts an average of 10 meetings each school year, inviting the families to be active collaborators in their children's education.

Community Schools Program

Community Schools Program

Close the opportunity gap,
close the achievement gap.

This program provides support for Loudoun County’s six Title I schools in Eastern Loudoun, where the student population has a high concentration of poverty. Through a partnership provides funding for a social worker position, after-school enrichment programs, and access to health and social services.

Mental Health & Wellness

Holistic nourishment for growing minds.

LEF works with A Place to Be to provide music education and creative coping to students, helping them through challenging periods in constructive ways. Together with our partners, we provide funding for training and staff support to provide mental health services to students.


Nourishing bodies so minds can grow.

Through delivery services and school pantries, Fueled's food security programs support more than 1,300 students each week.

Teacher Development & Encouragement

We know that the quality of public education is only as high as its teachers. We invest in programs that provide training, mentoring and appreciation for our teachers. We champion teachers by encouraging and funding innovative teaching strategies in order to enrich education in all Loudoun County Public Schools.

Teacher Development & Encouragement
Teacher Mentoring and Professional Development

Teacher Mentoring and Professional Development

Helping educators pesevere early in their careers.

The Foundation funds an annual professional development conference to further enhance our teachers’ skills. LEF also oversees REACH Virginia, which is a unique program that seeks to retain quality teachers by providing mentoring and other support to educators who are new to the profession.

Innovation in Education Grants

Innovation in Education Grants

Investing in our educators' good ideas within and beyond the classroom.

With the support of our generous donors and community partners, LEF makes direct investments in unique learning concepts and programs, awarded in the Spring and Fall of each school year.

SHINE Educator Awards

Spotlight our Heroes in Education helps reward our best educators.

Every month during the school year, a deserving educator will receive a prize pack worth at least $500 as a token of our appreciation for their passion and impact.

Curriculum Enrichment

Through division-wide grants and special projects, the Loudoun Education Foundation funds programs that stimulate our students’ curiosity, create exceptional learning opportunities, and provide resources that help students reach their full potential.

Curriculum Enrichment
Teacher Assisting a Student

K-12 Computer Science Pipeline

Building classroom-to-career pathways.

This program exposes students to computational thinking and problem-solving, integrated into most subject areas. In middle and high school, students have the option to take standalone computer science courses and pursue internships.


Since its inception, more than 304 high school students have been placed in internships.

PROPEL Level Up Loudoun Education Foundation

PROPEL / Level Up

Giving under-represented populations a boost.

These programs invite students from populations under-represented in the STEM field to take part in a fun, challenging after-school program.


Currently, PROPEL serves 10 LCPS elementary schools and Level Up serves four middle schools.

How Can We Work With You?

The programs above are initiated and funded by the Loudoun Education Foundation, but are far from exhaustive. Nearly every day of the year, we're working with community partners to help improve public education in Loudoun County. Here is an overview of those programs:

Key Programs: List

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For more than 30 years, the Loudoun Education Foundation has demonstrated how community support can make meaningful educational impacts in the classroom and beyond. As an independent nonprofit, we engage our community to invest in critical and innovative programs that foster academic success and the well-being of students and educators. We fund programs that stimulate students’ curiosity, create exceptional learning opportunities, and provide needed resources to educators, students and families.

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