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Loudoun Education Foundation Announces Willowcroft World Language Fluency Scholarship Recipients

The Loudoun Education Foundation has announced it’s second winner of the Willowcroft World Language Fluency Scholarship which supports a Loudoun County Public Schools high school student in achieving fluency in a modern language and to award that student’s world language instructor a grant for teaching and mentoring the student. This year’s winner of the scholarship is Avery Donmoyer from Loudoun Valley High School. The scholarship for $8,000 will assist with costs associated with the application, registration, and participation in the CIEE Spanish Language Intensive in Alicante, Spain over the summer of 2020. Her Spanish teacher, Ms. Erin Boldin, will receive a Willowcroft World Language Teacher Grant

Funding this scholarship are Lew and Sharon Parker. Mr. Parker is extremely passionate about language fluency and feels that immersive learning is one of the best and most effective ways to become fluent in a second language. He stated, “Being fluent in a second language is a doorway to success. It opens career and social pathways that are life-enhancing.”

To apply for this scholarship, a student must be a current high school junior in Loudoun County Public Schools that is enrolled in a modern language (Level IV Honors or Level V Honors) and seeking fluency. The student scholar will undergo testing both before and after the immersion program to assess their progress in becoming fluent in a second language. Pictured above are Ms. Erin Boldin, Avery Donmoyer, Linda Russ of the LEF, Sue Ross, Principal of Loudoun Valley High School, Sharon Parker, and Lew Parker.

Executive Director for the LEF, Dawn Meyer, stated, “Many people in the Loudoun Community know about Lew Parker’s delicious wine at Willowcroft Farm Vineyard. They know about his passion and support for STEM education, particularly the Regional Science and Engineering Fair (RSEF) held in March. At the RSEF, he awards a Willowcroft Science Scholarship to a student and a Willowcroft Science Award to a teacher. People might be surprised to learn that Lew is just as passionate about students becoming fluent in a world language as he is about STEM education. The Willowcroft World Language Fluency Scholarship provides an incredible learning opportunity for a high school student to work towards fluency and the opportunity to study outside of the U.S.  His generosity extends beyond the student in that he also provides a grant to the teacher, nominated by the scholarship recipient, that has ignited and nurtured the student’s interest to study the language. He is providing both an incredible learning experience for an accomplished student and a special acknowledgment moment for a talented teacher. The LEF is so grateful to be a part of it.”

Congratulations to Avery and Ms. Boldin for receiving this scholarship and we look forward to following you along this journey towards language fluency!


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