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LEF Welcomes Myshel Guillory as Treasurer

Q&A with LEF’s Newest Trustee and Treasurer: Myshel Guillory

The Loudoun Education Foundation is thrilled to welcome Myshel Guillory as one of the newest appointees to our Board of Trustees. She joined the board in April and was appointed Treasurer of the

Executive Committee in June. On that committee, she joins President Scott Miller, Vice President Steven Frederickson, and Secretary Tracy Fitzsimmons.

Myshel is Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Nodal Exchange Holdings, as well as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Nodal Clear. Myshel has more than 20 years of experience in auditing, accounting, treasury management, financial planning, financial analysis and human resource management. She was the audit manager on engagements that included Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and the American Heart Association. The LEF staff caught up with Myshel recently to hear more about her background and what has made her most excited to join LEF’s work.

LEF: What made you want to join LEF’s board?

Myshel: While searching for foundations to donate to, I searched for organizations that used a majority of the funds on the actual programs as opposed to administrative costs. As I started delving deeper into the foundation, I was impressed with the leadership and the programs offered. I wanted to be part of making a difference in my community and as a model for other counties within my state. 

LEF: Is there a specific program or specific challenge that you’re eager to tackle?

Myshel: Technology is the key not only to our community, but to our country. My youngest daughter has been very interested in biomedical engineering, as a small child her passion was to create robotic body parts for our veterans that blended with our bodies. I found it difficult to find these practical/hands-on types of classes and even when I did, she was typically the only female in the group. I would like to help girls and boys get interested and get involved at younger ages to help stimulate their brains that the possibilities are endless. If they can envision it and we can help educate them and give them the tools they need, then they can create or develop it. 

LEF: Do you have kids in LCPS?

Myshel: Yes, I have put three children through Loudoun County Schools, with my youngest daughter currently completing her sophomore year and I have a grandson that will be attending Loudoun County schools as well. I am deeply rooted within Loudoun County. As a parent, I did not always have the time nor felt there was a clear way to be proactive to support teachers and the education my children were receiving. I knew the basics, that teachers salaries are far below what they should be, they spend countless hours on their own time and especially that teachers have to spend many dollars out of their own pockets. In summary, I want to be part of cutting edge education and I wanted this for my children and now I want this for my grandson and many more grandchildren to come.


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