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AWS Sponsors Countryside Elementary Turkey Dinner

Countryside Elementary School hosted their 5th Annual Turkey Dinner on Friday, November 20th from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. in the bus loop where community members picked up the meals curbside style! Due to current circumstances, Countryside Elementary Principal, Richard Rudnick, and staff had to be creative on how to continue this yearly tradition that started thanks to 4th and 5th graders wanting to give back to the community.

Unfortunately, students could not help prepare and distribute the dinners to the community, but luckily Amazon Web Services (AWS) generously donated all of the turkeys that were cooked by Monk’s BBQ on the 20th. The turkeys were then brought back to Countryside to be distributed to families for this free community event.

Usually, each grade level is responsible for a specific side dish, but this year, Countryside Elementary School covered the expenses to ensure that every family gets all of the traditional side dishes including stuffing, corn, green beans, potatoes, and gravy. The Countryside Cafeteria manager and some of the Cafeteria staff helped put these dinners together. As of November 17th, 655 families and community members signed up to receive one of these dinners.

Thank you to AWS, Monk’s BBQ, and Countryside Elementary School for making this amazing event continue this year!


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