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Through your generosity, public schools in your community will have additional support in furthering the classroom experience, graduating students will get the assistance they need to continue their education, and our outstanding teachers will have the opportunity to obtain post graduate degrees and training. Learn more about how to support the Loudoun Education Foundation.

donate to the loudoun education foundation

About the Foundation

Grant Programs Supported by the Foundation

The Loudoun Education Foundation’s goal of strengthening the quality of the Loudoun County Public School system is achieved in part through grants to teachers and parent support organizations for innovative academic projects. In awarding grants, the Foundation seeks innovative projects or programs which meet the following criteria:

  • • Affect as many students as possible and benefit a diverse student group
  • • Involve students as much as possible
  • • Supplement and/or enhance the standard curriculum and ordinary teaching methods
  • • Support a program or project with measurable results
  • • Are creative and innovative
  • • Promote inter-classroom, interdisciplinary and/or joint teacher projects

Classroom Grants

The Board of Trustees of the Loudoun Education Foundation awards teacher grants in the Spring and Fall each year. For each application, the maximum grant amount is $500, with no minimum. Two special grants of up to $1,500 each are available during the Spring Application period. See Details

Professional Development Grants

The Loudoun Education Foundation is pleased to announce our first-ever round of Professional Development Grants for Loudoun County Public School teachers who are seeking endorsements in critical teaching shortage areas. There are currently $5,000 available in this fund for grants of up to $1,000 each.See Details

Multicultural Grants

This grant opportunity was created to assist Loudoun County Public Schools implement programs on multicultural education, targeted primarily towards students, to help them better understand and embrace diversity in Loudoun County. In addition, programs may also involve parent, teacher, or community educational activities if they are associated with student programming. See Details

Apple Impact Grants

Apple Federal Credit Union Education Foundation supports grants for teachers of up to $2,500 for learning projects involving multiple classrooms, grades or schools. See Details

Special Program Grants

Under some conditions, the Board of Trustees of the Loudoun Education Foundation will consider grants outside of the normal application cycle. For details, see the Foundation’s Policy on Special Program Grants. See Deatils

The Foundation is not currently accepting applications for Special Program Grants.