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State-of-the-Art facility for STEM education

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Through your generosity, public schools in your community will have additional support in furthering the classroom experience, graduating students will get the assistance they need to continue their education, and our outstanding teachers will have the opportunity to obtain post graduate degrees and training. Learn more about how to support the Loudoun Education Foundation.

donate to the loudoun education foundation

About the Foundation

Providing LCPS students with the facility, resources, and state-of the-art technologies to become the innovators and explorers of the 21st Century

The mission of the Academies of Loudoun is to provide a 21st Century Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education that creates opportunities for LCPS students and faculty to innovate, explore, research and collaborate. Conceptualized over a decade ago, the Academies of Loudoun project is now under construction and will be completed by the start of the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF) is the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting the Academies of Loudoun. Corporations and private donors who wish to help equip the new facility with state-of-the-art technology from beakers and microscopes to 3-D printing equipment and more, may make a tax-deductable donation to LEF. Facility "wish list" coming soon!


9/3/17 - Click here to see drone footage of the current construction

9/1/17 - The Academies of Loudoun will have two admission cycles: Fall Admission Cycle – admissions for AET (9th grade entry) and AOS (9th grade entry); Winter Admission Cycle – admissions for Advanced AET (11th grade entry) and all MATA programs. Learn more

3/6/17 - Check out renderings from architect Stantec of the county's new STEM hub, the Academies of Loudoun, as featured in Loudoun Now

12/01/16 - Construction is moving along on the Academies of Loudoun, south classrooms shown below - More photos


9/20/16 - AET Information Sessions for eighth graders announced. More info

  • 8/29/16 - LEF extends a warm welcome to the first class of the Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET) now attending Tuscarora High School. Read Loudoun Times-Mirror article

  • 8/01/016 - Dr. Tinell L. Priddy has been named the first principal of the Academies of Loudoun. Priddy comes to LCPS from Fairfax County Public Schools where she served as assistant principal of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology since August 2013.

  • 6/17/16 - Groundbreaking ceremony for the new 300,000 square foot Academies of Loudoun facility off of Sycolin Road in Leesburg

    Facility Highlights

    • • Construction of a state-of-the-art 300,000 square foot facility, on a 119 acre parcel owned by LCPS
    • • Daily student capacity between 1,000-1,600 serving 2,000-3,200+ students on an alternated day schedule
    • • Brings together three distinct, but inter-related academies:
    •        1. Academy of Engineering & Technology (AET)
             2. Academy of Science (AOS)
             3. Monroe Advanced Technical Academy (MATA)

    • • Additional opportunities for the wider LCPS and Loudoun community including:

             ― Summer offerings
             ― Internships
             ― Adult education
             ― Testing services
             ― Professional development